Should Men Buy 18k Solid Gold Chains?


Not all big chains are the same. Which of these two types of men's Cuban link chains—14k or 18k—do experts recommend? Most guys would agree that a little gold jewelry can completely transform an outfit.


Men who value quality above quantity should examine the precious metal used to make their accessories, while some may be satisfied with imitation or gold-plated big chains. Jewelers first ask prospective customers what they look for in an 18k solid gold chain for guys.

Gold Chains

As a status symbol and item with deep historical roots, big chains of gold have maintained their worth for generations. They are a means of displaying one's aristocracy and rank, not to mention a stylish statement. The worth of a gold chain is directly proportional to the karat gold content. The price goes up as the carat number goes up.


Because it is a valuable metal that will remain in circulation for generations to come, gold has a high market value. Men’s gold rope chains with jewels are often considered precious family heirlooms handed down through generations. They have an enduring beauty that will never go out of style. These chains may be worn for various events and are quite adaptable.


They are multipurpose, which makes them a great investment, even for men. Plus, men can really pull off gold jewelry, which exudes an air of refined elegance. 

What is K in the Gold?

The letters "k" in 14k and 18k stand for the abbreviation "karat." For precious metals and jewelry, the karat is the standard purity measurement. When we talk about gold, silver, or platinum being 24k, we're referring to their most pure, unadulterated form. A jeweler may determine the exact amount of gold or precious metal in an item of jewelry by dividing its karat by 24 then multiplying the result by 100.

Given that most gold big chains include a combination of gold and other metals, how can one determine the exact percentage of gold contained in the piece? For example, consider this: if a jeweler claims that the necklace you want to purchase is 12k gold, the men's Cuban link chain is really 50% gold.


A higher karat grade indicates that a more substantial quantity of gold 4mm rope chain was used to create the item. More value for your money? That sounds great, doesn't it? Don't pull your credit cards out just yet; there are situations when extra gold could be counterproductive, especially in big chain necklaces.

18k Solid Gold Chain

For every 18 parts of pure gold, there are 6 parts of other metals in an 18K gold alloy. These additional metals might include copper, zinc, nickel, silver, or aluminum. An 18K gold alloy has a purity level of 75% and is composed of the remaining alloy and gold. Despite its lower durability and softer texture, 18-karat gold is ideal for those with sensitive skin due to its enhanced hypoallergenic qualities. Plus, 4mm rope chain aficionados love to splurge on 18K gold big chains because of the men's Cuban link chain’s better purity and higher resale value.


As mentioned, an 18-karat gold piece has a 75% gold content. The amount of metals and alloys needed to transform the gold into 18K is reduced as a result. Since an 18k solid gold chain contains less nickel than 14K gold, it is preferable for those with sensitive skin since it is less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.


The amount of gold in 18k gold chain determines its colors. The greater the gold content in 18K gold, the brighter the hue will be compared to 14K gold. Engagement rings made of white or yellow gold will be the lightest in tone, while those made of rose gold will be somewhat paler.


Due to its increased gold content, 18K gold commands a premium price. Around 20% more money will be required to purchase an 18k solid gold chain compared to 14K gold. Paying a little more for an 18k gold chain can limit your exposure to a limited number of additional alloys, which is great if you have sensitive skin, a nickel allergy, or any other metal allergy.


If you lead an active lifestyle or find it difficult to keep your rings scratch-free, 14K gold is better than 18k solid gold chain since it is stronger. Since 18-karat gold is softer than 14-karat gold, it is more prone to surface damage, such as scratches, dents, and malformed pieces.

Maintaining Your 18k Gold Chain

Precious metals, including an 18k gold chain, need special attention to maintain their shine and beam’s worth. To keep them in pristine condition, you must clean them often. If oils or grime have built up, use a gentle soap and a soft cloth to wipe them away. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously, as it can damage the gold's surface. Proper storage is also required to keep the item in pristine condition and avoid damage.


Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from high temperatures by storing it in a dry, cold spot. Visit a trustworthy dealer to sell your men’s gold rope chain; they will offer you a sum that reflects the market value of one gram of gold. Finally, never remove or wear the jewelry without taking appropriate handling measures. You should not expose it to strong chemicals or engage in vigorous physical activity while wearing it since this might lead to damage or discoloration. Maintaining your 18k gold chain jewelry will keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

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