How to Measure Men's Gold Ring Size At Home?

Rings are increasingly popular among men's jewelry collections, but many are wary of getting one since sizing may be confusing. Let's be honest: Anyone would get cold feet seeing all different sizes, especially when buying online. Buying men's gold ring shouldn't be scary, particularly if you've never had one.


Using a ring size guide or just a piece of thread might make checking your ring size effortless. You may easily find your ring size at home, but if you want, you can also ask at many jewelry shops for free assistance. Follow these simple steps to determine your signet ring size at home before placing an order at your favorite gold vermeil jewelry shop or dropping hints to your significant other about those stunning engagement or promise rings for men you've admired.


Fine jewelers recommend a secure but comfortable fit for your tungsten rings—not so snug that it falls off but loose enough that it may move over a knuckle with little effort. Remember, let’s explore some easy and quick ways to measure your men's gold ring size.

Ring Size Guide

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American adults usually wear rings for men ranging in size from 6 to 12 on a numerical (and half-numerical) scale. In millimeters, the units correspond to the width of your finger: Any finger measuring 53.2 millimeters across may be accommodated by a signet ring size 6, and the sizes go up from there. Every half-size, standard men's gold ring sizes increase by a few millimeters. Consider the following dimensions: 55.7 mm for a size 7, 57.2 mm for a size 8, and 60.2 mm for a size 9 ring.


Ring sizes for males typically range from 8 (18.2 mm) to 14 (23 mm), while rings for women typically fall between 3 (14 mm) and 9 (19 mm). Engagement or promise rings for men are not cheap, so getting a precise measurement is advisable before spending a lot of money. The usual ring size for silver and gold ring for men is 10–11.

Ring Sizer

Using a ring-measurement instrument is the most precise method for determining men's gold ring size. Many possibilities are available online, and they aren't usually pricey.


You can try a small measuring instrument or a keychain with various ring sizes to aid ring sizing. A ring sizer in the style of a measuring tape may be easily fastened or loosened by wrapping it around your finger and adjusting the belt. You may easily determine the perfect gold ring for men size by trying on the metal loops with the keyring-style signet ring sizer. When looking for rings for other family members, a men's gold ring sizer might be handy.

Old Ring

One other way to find out your rings for men's size is to use an existing minimal ring as a reference. The next step is to choose a circle that fits snugly within your ring by placing it over each one. The diameter of the men's gold ring is denoted by the letter inside the corresponding circle.


If you want to be sneaky about it, you can use someone else's ring to gauge your own ring size. Make a circle on paper using their ring to show them where it is located before swiftly returning it. If you're scared, they'll find out it's gone. Following that, carefully cut out the circle you drew using the size advice. If you want to find out what size engagement rings for men you should have, try on a ring that fits the middle finger; if it doesn't, be ready to move down a size.

String Measurement

The string technique involves placing an item or a string across your finger and then using a ruler to measure the point where the ends meet. You need a narrow piece of paper (no broader than 1.4 cm) or a thread length to use this technique. Wrap a pen around your finger to mark where the two pieces of thread or paper meet. Then, use a ruler to align the paper or string with the measurement and take the reading.

When is a Men's Gold Ring Too Tight or Too Loose?

When a men's gold ring is a good fit, the Squared signet ring should not slip off the knuckle. If it's very loose, it will fall off the finger when you invert it. Furthermore, removing the ring over the knuckle could be difficult, or an indentation could even be left on the finger if the ring is very tight. Extremely tight rings might pinch blood vessels or cause the finger to swell.

Bottom Line

The search for the ideal men's gold ring might start after you have your ring size in hand.  The next step is to order your stylish ring from DRIVN. Our assortment of 18 and 14k gold rings will surely include the one that is just right for you. Enjoy our men's gold ring collection of stacking rings and one-of-a-kind rings to enhance your style. For something more special, peruse our selection of promise rings for men and rings for men. Our signet rings are meticulously made with an eye on environmental responsibility, much like the rest of our wares.