Style Tips for Men's Statement Rings

Wearing men’s statement rings is here to stay, whether you're following Jay Z's pinky ring advice or longing for the days when guys understood how to accessorize. We believe that men's Cuban rings should finally be given the recognition that they deserve. You don't need a Grammy-winning rap record to stylishly wear one or two of them; they're not reserved for aristocracy.


From understated Cuban link ring gold to flashy chain link silver rings, men's rings have gone a long way since old age. The DRIVN catalog is a treasure trove of men's statement rings just waiting to be discovered by you. With that, let’s go through the top tips to style men's index finger rings.

1.   Be Comfortable

Being comfortable and confident are interdependent. Feeling confident might be challenging when your wrists ache from wearing too much finger jewelry.


  • When you work, which hand do you use?
  • How often do you shake hands?
  • Is full-day typing required?
  • Do you have to present yourself in a certain manner for school or work?


The number and size of Cuban rings you require may be determined by answering these questions. Play it safe throughout the day, and keep the show-stopping items for when you're out on the town.

Which Finger Should You Wear A Ring In?

Although many people have strong views on the matter, no hard and fast regulations exist. One notable exception is the habit of wearing wedding rings on the ring finger on the left hand. But a little survey around the workplace shows that this isn't always the case! An exemplary case of prioritizing convenience above convention.

2.   Start Simple

Keep in mind that less is more while shopping for men's Cuban link rings. Try on a few pieces and work your way up unless you're sure you can handle a whole lot of guy bling. Stay focused on a single hand, and make sure your men’s statement rings aren't touching.


To begin, the signet ring is an excellent choice. All it takes is slipping one onto your ring finger. When wearing a signet or Cuban ring with a wedding band, switch hands.


3.   Select Metal Carefully

Experts in the field of fashion advise sticking to a single metal hue when designing a look. Matching men's statement rings with necklaces and bracelets will keep my style on point. Wear either black and silver or a Cuban link ring gold and chain link silver ring; never combine the two.


Wearing metals that complement one another helps to maintain an organized appearance. But hey, we've seen socks and shoes go from being something dads exclusively wear to being totally cool, so who says rules aren't intended to be broken?


If you wear a single chain link silver ring or gold-toned, it's quite OK to accessorize with whatever color you choose, whether it is Cuban rings, bracelets, or watches. You won't seem like you improvised your outfit in the dark; instead, your pick will appear purposeful.


Going on the topic of light and dark... One other technique to avoid jewelry that draws attention away from your face and achieves a flawless finish is to use metals that complement your skin tone. Try BLACK ONYX if you have a lighter tone.

4.   Be Confident

Interested in learning the most important style secret ever discovered? Wear your men's jewelry with pride and self-assurance. When you first put on men's statement rings, it will feel strange. For those who are just dabbling with jewelry, the weight can be a little much. Start with a lightweight Cuban link ring.


Your ring will shine brightest when you wear it with self-assurance. If you're concerned about spending the whole day fidgeting with your pockets, don’t sweat it. You can try our top-seller SAINT JOSEPH RING and flaunt it at your friend's gathering!

5.   Balance in Both Hands

It is possible to accessorize with several rings on a single finger or hand, but it is recommended to maintain a balanced appearance. Wearing all your rings on one hand might cause an uneven appearance. If you normally wear three men's statement rings on your left hand, try wearing two more on your right. If you're not sure, go with symmetry. Similarly, imagine you want to wear a bigger Cuban link ring on your left hand but already have a wedding band. To keep your rings from jangling and to achieve a more balanced appearance, wear your statement Cuban ring on your right middle finger.

6.   Consider Lifestyle

Think about your day-to-day activities before you put on a ring. You may make a strong impression during a business meeting by wearing a wedding band and a few statement items. Meanwhile, if you're planning on playing a pick-up game after work, it's generally a good idea to wear rings that are easy to remove. Likewise, prioritize your career before astrological jewelry or athletic apparel. You should probably think twice about wearing a men's index finger ring to a high-powered corporate job since, well, that's just how it is.

Tell Your Story With DRIVN


No matter how to ornate your men's index finger ring is, it will be a reflection of your personality. Rings, including chain link silver rings, are an accessory and a way of life. Because we men have a hard time accessorizing, there are occasions when we are reluctant to wear jewelry. The wedding band is all men can think about, but hey, you're free to wear whatever ring makes you happy.

The desire to wear men's statement rings is more common than following societal norms or fashions. You won't give it a second thought if you have an innate affinity for it, just like any other item. When you see the one that best represents who you are, you'll know it's meant to be a part of your tale.

Jewelry is a way to tell your story without words. If you want to combine metals, ignore skin tone entirely, and throw visual weight out the window, by all means, do so. However, our advice is to mix and match things and then select men’s statement rings from our catalog.

DRIVN has everything that you can choose from. Our stylish rings are best for men because we offer water-proof and tarnish-free jewelry.