Tips on Caring for Your Gold-Plated Jewelry For Men

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It's no longer an unusual thing for guys to own gold-plated jewelry as well. No matter what kind of care you give your DRIVN gold-plated jewelry for men—from subtle 18k gold-plated bracelets for men to statement gold-plated pendants and gold-plated chains—it will last a lifetime with the correct maintenance. Keep reading to learn how to take proper care of your 24k gold-plated and gold-plated sterling silver jewelry.

Gold Plated vs. Solid Gold Jewelry

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Solid gold, aka 24k gold-plated jewelry, is completely gold, unlike gold-plated jewelry, which has a thin coating of gold over a base metal that isn't gold. Although not all solid gold color plating is the same, gold-plated jewelry for men is a more budget-friendly alternative to solid 24k gold-plated jewelry that may still look stunning. Depending on the method used, the plating layer may be as thin as the initial coat of spray-on paint or quite thick, making it resistant to tarnish and fading.


It might be difficult to assess the solid gold color plating thickness when shopping. Ask them if you want to know how many "microns" of gold a decent brand has used. The more gold they use, the better—and more expensive—it becomes.

Tips For Maintaining and Cleaning Your Gold-Plated Jewelry For Men

Don’t Wear in Humid Places

We recommend avoiding wearing gold-plated chains and other jewelry close to the skin in humid areas and very hot temperatures where perspiration and sunscreen are more common. Particularly with thin solid gold color plating, the salt from sweat may erode the coating or react with the underlying metal, especially when we talk about gold-plated jewelry for men. For instance, you can choose a lengthy gold-plated chain necklace that rests on your shirt instead of your neck.

Don’t Spray Directly

Never immediately spray perfume upon plated or solid 24k gold-plated jewelry like gold-plated pendants and gold-plated chains. The compounds in the scent may cause a process analogous to oxidation; in other words, it can make your gold or gold-plated sterling silver black. It can be undone, but it can catch you off guard if you need more preparation!

Cool and Dry Storage

Keep your gold-plated chains and other jewelry in a dry, protected area at all times. Store your prized jewels in a jewelry box to safeguard them from harm.

Pat Them Dry After Shower

Your gold-plated jewelry for men will become wet every time you shower, even if you don't think about it. Water may slowly but surely bring up unsightly corrosion and tarnish. Wipe out your jewelry with a soft towel after each use to lessen the likelihood of this happening. Dry the whole item, especially the clasp, as it might get caught in water.


Another option is to use a dryer specifically made for jewelry to care for your plated pieces. While washing their hair, some ladies dry their earrings by placing them in a hair dryer. This will prevent children from putting them back in their ears while damp.

Cleaning Your Gold-plated Jewelry

If you wear your Cuban Link Chain 18k gold-plated jewelry daily, clean it at least once. Delicately cleaning the jewels using a gold-plated jewelry for men polishing cloth designed for cleaning gold can restore them to their lustrous glory. Don't rub too vigorously, as this might remove the gold-plated sterling silver coating.


If you take appropriate measures, your gold-plated chains and other jewelry will shine like new again. Your beloved jewelry will retain its luster and beauty for an extended period with the following steps:

Wipe After Wearing

After each use, use a moist cotton pad or jewelry towel to clean your 18k gold-plated jewelry, removing dirt or oils from your skin. Let it dry naturally before putting it away.

Cleaning Solution

Prior to attempting a home jewelry cleaning, make sure the jewelry like gold-plated chain necklace is free of apparent dirt and does not feel sticky. A mild soap and water mixture, heated to the proper temperature, will do the trick. Use a mix of one cup of simmering water and a couple of drops of dish detergent to clean your gold-plated jewelry for men.

Get the Jewels Wet

Unless the jewelry includes jewels, pearls, enamel, or other decorations, place it in the solution and allow it to remain for a couple of minutes. To avoid any damage, wash it individually.

Clean the Curves

To clean delicately carved sections of your gold-plated jewelry for men, use a cotton swab to get into tiny crevices and remove dirt. Never use a blade, a scissors clip, or anything pointed to clean the gold-plated sterling silver.

Dray and Buff

After washing, rinse under warm running water to remove dirt or grime. Once dry, use a gentle, lint-free towel to lightly buff the jewelry to restore its shine.


While it's best to avoid getting gold-plated chains and other jewelry wet in the first place, a gentle cloth rubbed with a little light soap and water can eliminate minor tarnishments. Before you wear your gold-plated jewelry for men again, make sure they are completely dry. If your jewelry is very worn or the 24k gold-plated coating has worn away, exposing the base metal, you should take it to a jeweler to have it re-plated.


If worn properly, 18k gold-plated jewelry pieces like the Black Onyx Stone Pendant and Woven Bangle Bracelet has an infinite lifespan. According to jewelry experts, solid gold color plating does not have a specified time limitation. The main thing is to keep it free from salt water, perspiration, excessive humidity, and chemicals found in cleaning supplies or fragrances.


Even if it does fade, re-plating is always possible to restore its luster. If you’re searching for gold-plated chains and other gold-plated jewelry for men that will last a lifetime, DRIVN has quite some options for the swaggy men! Our jewelry is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about taking it in water.


Many men can’t get into the nitty-gritty of washing and cleaning their gold-plated jewelry, so why not have something you won’t have to clean? Check out our range of gold-plated and gold-plated sterling silver jewelry, including gold-plated chains, rings, bracelets, and gold-plated pendants, and stop worrying about wearing it in different temperatures and other limitations!


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