Gold Plated Jewelry: What You Need To Know & How To Extend Its Life


Gold-plated jewelry is ideal for people who wish to look like they are adorning their selves with real gold but cannot afford to do so. This class of fashion jewelry entails a thin layer of gold deposited on a cheaper base metal, and this provides the technique to own gold jewelry at a more affordable price.

But as we begin to take a look at the nature of the process that involved gold plating, one would notice that extra precaution has to be taken so as to enhance the looks of the metal and, at the same time, increase its expected life cycle.

To help you understand more about gold-plated jewelry and how to improve its longevity, here is what you should know.

What is Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry refers to an item made of a cheaper metal as a base, like copper or silver, that is coated with a layer of gold by the process of electroplating. This makes it possible to design various aesthetic and luxurious pieces that can be made from the cheaper precious alloy as opposed to solid gold. The thickness of the gold layer can differ, and this indicates the fact that the durability and the overall life span of this piece may vary as well.

Is gold-plated jewelry worth it?

Absolutely, gold-plated jewelry is worth it for several reasons:

Affordability: Gold-plated pieces are less expensive than actual gold, which makes them preferred for extra ornaments like necklaces and other jewelry.

Variety: There is a lot of variation in the design and styles, so you can easily achieve the current trend without having to compromise your pockets.

Accessibility: For those people who wish to wear gold jewelry but are not in a position to incur the expenses of buying solid gold products, it will be the best bet.

Jewelry Care Tips for 2024

If well taken care of, the life expectancy of the jewelry shaped in gold plated is long. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Avoid Exposure to Moisture and Chemicals

It is true that gold plating may erode when exposed to water, sweat, and chemicals. The above Karatometer tips are useful; however, you should always take off your gold-plated jewelry when showering, swimming, or exercising. Moreover, do not touch the settlements with creams, ointments, and any other products that may harm the gold layer and spoil the goods, including lotions, perfumes, and even hairsprays.

  1. Clean Your Jewelry Regularly

How to Clean Gold-Plated Jewelry at Home? After each wear, you must remove the accessory and clean it with a soft cloth or a piece of cotton slightly moistened with water. Clogged surfaces can be cleaned with a dishwashing liquid scrub prepared by adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to warm water and carefully brushing hard-to-reach areas with a soft toothbrush. Then, it is washed with water and pat-dried using a clean and lint-free cloth.

  1. Store Properly

Some of your jewelry accessories may be plated with gold, so ensure that you store them in a cool and dry place. Originally, keep the pieces separate so they don't scratch each other, and the cords don't get tangled. To maintain the condition of your items, it is advisable to use individual pouches or a jewelry box with sections.

  1. Wear with Care

Because gold-plated jewelry is more resistant to these products, wear it after dressing and applying cosmetics and fragrances. Also, take off rings or bracelets while washing hands to avoid exposure to food utensils and acidic foods such as tomatoes, which cause fast tarnishing.

Recommended Gold-Plated Products

If you're looking to add some gold-plated jewelry to your collection, consider these stylish options:

Extending the Life of Gold-Plated Jewelry

Regular Maintenance

It helps to take some preventive measures so that your gold-plated jewelry stays new for a longer period. When putting on the jewelry, always wash your hands first, and when not in use, ensure that it is properly stored. Inasmuch as you may retain your jewelry free of oxidation, occasionally get it re-plated to its original bright state if you realize that it has worn out.

Professional Cleaning

Cleaning your jewelry deeply is best left to professionals, so take your jewelry there if you want it to be extremely cleaned. They can employ instruments and products that are friendly to gold plating, which allows them to clean your pieces without undoing the gold layer.


Alright, if the gold layer wears off, you do not have to stress yourself! To sum up, most jewelers provide replating services, which enable the customer to bring the items and treat them to a like-new look again. This is a process in which the jewelry is washed, and a fresh layer of gold is applied, making the jewelry look as if it was just purchased.


Gold-plated jewelry is trendy and relatively inexpensive compared to other jewelry that is made of real gold. If maintained well, these pieces can be incorporated into a jewelry collection for a very long duration. Following the mentioned jewelry care tips for 2024, you will be able to keep your gold-plated jewelry appealing and stylish permanently for enhanced fashion statements. To ensure that you enjoy your gold plated jewelry for a long time, below are some recommendations on how best to take care of your jewelry.

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